Enabling Marketing Leaders to Win with Executive Branding & Leadership Effectiveness

Develop Your Skyscraper Executive Brand: Gain the “Opportunity” Inside Track

Marketing leaders who intentionally develop and hone their brand have the advantage. They stand out in eyes of colleagues, leadership, and potential employers. Focused and authentic, they understand and communicate the value they deliver to organizations.

Where do you stand with your brand?

  • Can you describe what sets you apart from your colleagues in the same field, in a clear and compelling single sentence?
  • Are you sought after for career advancing initiatives and positions?
  • Do people in your industry/function think of you as one of the top go-to professionals in the market (compared to other professionals with similar levels of expertise)?

There is an art and a science to building a strong positive brand. I work with you to identify your unique strengths, character and expertise. Then together we turn that into a brand that sets you apart as more valuable and memorable than others in your field.

Don’t leave your reputation up to chance. Developing and building your brand gives you the platform to have a bigger impact on your career, your objectives, and those you lead. Discover how applying the branding methodology, insights and process to yourself, makes all the difference.

Marketing Leadership Effectiveness: From Overwhelmed to Focused & Productive

Marketing leaders can be pulled in all sorts of directions. Staying focused, deliberate and strategic can be a real challenge when managing their diverse teams, understanding new technology and staying on top of marketing trends.

Where do you sit on the effectiveness scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high)?

  • Do your results truly reflect the high level of effort that you are committing?
  • What percentage of your day is spent on areas of high strategic value?
  • Are you racing or strategically pacing, your way through each initiative?
  • What do you need to stop doing to better control your time?

Bring back control, focus, and peace of mind to your work. My proven methodology assesses exactly how you spend your time now, and then sets specific goals for the most valuable use of your time as a leader in your organization. Then I work with you to redesign your day and week, set boundaries, and put key habits and behaviors in place so that you get back in control.

As a result, you are more productive, and you make better decisions. You notice that your performance as well as that of your team and your organization improves—seemingly with less effort and hassle.


For more information about how I could help you succeed with executive coaching, branding and greater leadership effectiveness, contact me today at (513) 561-2642 or andread@tothepoint.coach.


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