Executive Coaching for Marketing Leaders


Recently, I’ve been asking marketers the following question.

“Think of the marketing leader you most admire, maybe someone you’ve worked with or have heard about…What is their super power?

To dateĀ their answers have included:

  • They activate my creativity…In brainstorming sessions they really help me come up with ideas, with back and forth conversation.
  • Asking great questions (versus acting like they know everything).
  • Learning quickly and when needed making quick decisions. (Ted Turner)
  • A strong poker face. When things don’t go so well, they stay calm and even keel which makes addressing the issues easier.
  • Leaders who are truly transparent and humble, including honestly owning problems when they happen. (Uber)
  • Ability to engage.
  • Problem solving and the ability to analyze.
  • Growing people and giving them opportunities to develop.
  • Tracking their results. Some people just run around doing this and that, without any real direction. In today’s marketplace you need to produce measurable results.

Marketers employ a range of skill sets, tools, knowledge and processes to succeed in today’s fast paced and global environment.

As a marketing executive, how do you attain your strategic objectives? What tools, knowledge, capabilities, strategies and actions are in your leadership toolbox?

Think…What would make the biggest difference for you, whether it’s building robust relationships, empowering your team, or influencing and collaborating with other executives across the organization.

Or maybe a better question…

“What is your desired super power, and how would it help you advance?”

For more information about how executive coaching can help you attain valuableĀ skills, compelling insights, and career advancing capabilities, give me a call (513-561-2642) or send me an email (andead@tothepoint.coach).

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