Get Clients Faster & Easier: Customized Marketing Coaching and Sales Strategy for Coaches and Consultants

Are you struggling with marketing & sales tactics that don’t work?
Are you guessing what you need to change?
Is there a disconnect between your sales goals & actions?

Work with me to gain the knowledge, strategies and guidance enabling you to:

  • Meet and consistently follow-up with more “hot” potential clients.
  • Identify and implement your best and favorite methods for attracting new clients.
  • Immediately address the top three easiest actions increasing your sales the most (Quick Start Program).
  • Discover where prospects are “falling through the cracks” with your Sales & Marketing Analysis.
  • Sustain sales growth by maintaining your new marketing and sales practices.

Kathleen BartleAndrea is gem-rich, dynamic, and rare. I can recommend her without reservation because she’s talented and thoughtful and generous. Her advice and guidance has expanded my business and my thinking about my business.” – Kathleen Bartle, PCC, CPCC, Conflict Consultant, Los Angeles, CA

Learning-Rich, Custom Marketing Expertise

Your custom marketing coaching package includes two, one-hour sessions (by phone, Skype or in person) per month for three months, consisting of:

  • Focused, Results-based, Discussion. We follow an agreed upon agenda guided by your 90 day goals and plan.
  • Making Savvy Marketing Decisions. Become skilled at swiftly evaluating new ideas and opportunities coming your way.
  • Improving Sales Results based on your marketing and sales tracking tool.
  • Hit-The-Ground-Running Follow-Up Tasks Lists & Notes. Post-meeting you receive a detailed, written summary with your top four tasks, notes and brainstorming ideas from our discussion, a tentative agenda for your next session, and an ongoing list of “done” items.

Gain the expertise required to execute your marketing and sales plan. Each session is designed to meet your specific tactical and strategic goals, based on your level of expertise.

Marketing Coaching Process

  1. Review and sign the coaching agreement.
  2. Complete your Marketing & Sales Analysis. (The results often determine your 90 day goals.) Newly founded businesses complete a shortened version to ascertain the status of your networking, marketing and sales activities and presence.
  3. Develop your Marketing Coaching 90 Day Goals & Plan.
  4. Implement your plan with consulting, coaching and training on a variety of topics tailored to your needs.
  5. Complete your consulting and coaching engagement. Recognize your successes. Ensure that your new marketing practices are sustainable.

… The [marketing & sales] analysis revealed that I was about to discontinue something that had, in fact, been my second-highest source of Jim Smithbusiness — that alone made the marketing plan priceless… In addition, as a result of my work with Andrea, I …realized that I can improve my marketing leverage by spending just a bit more time on a smaller number of marketing activities. I’ve worked with Andrea on several occasions and keep returning because I value both the questions she challenges me with AND the ideas she brings to the table…she does not force her agenda — rather, she always focuses on my agenda…”– Jim Smith, The Executive Happiness Coach

Marketing Consulting & Coaching Topics can include:

In-Person & Online Marketing & Sales

  • Designing Your Sales Conversation: How to clearly communicate your services to prospects and referral partners.
  • Standout! Cut Through the Competition with your client-attracting marketing & sales message.
  • Identifying and fostering relationships with worthwhile referral partners.
  • Learn how to make professional services tangible, clear and easy to buy.

Getting Business with LinkedIn

  • Getting conversations and meetings with prospects on LinkedIn.
  • Making LinkedIn part of your sales and marketing process, enhancing results.
  • Using LinkedIn Search to find referral partners and potential clients.
  • How to strategically increase your gateways of opportunity on LinkedIn.

Sales & Marketing Systems & Processes

  • Leveraging Your Marketing & Sales Actions: Design, set up and put into practice your KIT (Keeping In Touch) System.
  • Stop swearing & begin using your CRM to its fullest capacity.
  • Developing the schedule and process to consistently write and publish blog posts and e-newsletters.

With my support and help, establish the habits and know-how enabling you to consistently bring clients in the door. For more information contact me today 513-561-2642 or I look forward to hearing from you!

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